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Note: Due to the nature of Unreal files, the documents listed are only the relevant files that I have altered or created.

Read Me, Game Controls, C++ vs Blueprints Explanation and Installers:

Unreal Engine Install Page
DualShock4 Windows (DS4 Windows)

Project Files:

Note: In order to traverse the blueprints, the Scroll Wheel will zoom and RightMouseClick + Drag will scroll around.
Note: Although is great for uploading blueprints, some minor data is lost in translation.

Example: The images of landscape texture blueprint can’t be uploaded to
Example: TraceChannel should say “visibility”, not “querytype1”                                                                                                                      

MowerCharacter and Map Blueprints:

Mower KeepMowingALawnCharacter Blueprint
Mower MowMap LevelBlueprint
LandscapeTextureBlueprint (Note that the texture images are missing)

MOWER HUD Blueprints:

EndgameStatsHUD Blueprints:

Mower Sounds:
Mower sounds came from Listen and download my sound here.

List of Marketplace Assets:
Note: Every month Epic has a rotation of free assets available in the marketplace. Some of these assets, although I downloaded them while they were free, may no longer be free.

Animal Variety Pack (Currently not used within the project, but is in the files)

Fabric Materials – 56 Pack

FX Variety Pack

Industry Props Pack 6

Interactive Open World Foliage

Open World Demo Collection (Most commonly known as “Kite Demo”)

Procedural Nature Pack Vol. 1

Soul City

Starter Content